Toru Owashi

Birthdate: December 24th, 1975
Debut: September 2nd, 2000
Ring Attire: Black short tights

- As Peach Owashi

Signature Moves:
- Diving Body Press
- Senshuurakugatame
- Nodowa Otoshi

The heaviest trainee to have ever graduated in the Toryumon Gym, Owashi had been previously fighting as a sumo wrestler before retiring due to a knee injury. He debuted in pro-wrestling in Mexico in 2000, working as a heel. Unlike many other Toryumon graduates Owashi didn’t join Michinoku Pro but remained a freelancer, starting to work in DDT, where he was soon able to become the KO-D Heavyweight champion. Owashi has also worked in Dragondoor and he was one of the key wrestlers in El Dorado; despite still working in DDT, Owashi remains affiliated to Soul Connection, the booking office managing many other former El Dorado wrestlers.

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