Birthdate:  October 25th, 1965
Debut:  1987
Background:  American Professional Wrestling
Alliances:  Usually with Americans
Ring Attire:  Colorful pants
Card Position:  Mid-Card
Championship History:  GHC Hardcore Openweight Championship and the GHC Heavyweight Tag Team Championship
Current Title Held: None

- Scorpio has fun with Misawa
- An elbow to Suzuki

Signature Moves:
- 450 Splash
- Drop The Bomb
- Moonsault
- Powerbomb
- Scorpion Twist
- Slingshot 450 Splash
- Somersault Leg Drop
- Superkick

2005 Recap:
Considering he is getting up there in age, Scorpio had a very good year.  First, he teamed with Doug Williams to win the GHC Tag Team Championship from Misawa and Ogawa.  Even though they lost the belts a few months later, Scorpio was not finished getting gold however and he defeated Yone on October 22nd for the GHC Hardcore Openweight Championship.  Scorpio would hold the belt the rest of the year, and with his aerial arsenal he is set to keep the belt well into 2006

2006 Recap:
Scorpio successfully defended his Hardcore Openweight Championship only once in 2006, successfully defeating Ricky Marvin on April 10th. Other then that, Scorpio stayed in the mid-card and picks up quite a few pinfalls as he is a well respected veteran in NOAH. He generally tagged with other gaijins against Japanese wrestlers such as Misawa and Ogawa, with Scorpio very rarely getting pinned. On September 3rd, Scorpio would lose the Hardcore Openweight Championship to Shiga. On October 29th, Scorpio had his last match in NOAH and will soon be returning to WWE.

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