Hercules Senga
also Yapper Man #2

Birthdate: January 2nd, 1984
Debut: December 11th, 2004
Background: Toryumon Graduate
Also: Yapper Man #2
Previously: Shibaten
Ring Attire: Yellow pants and a yellow shirt

- As Shibaten
- As DEWA Lokman

Signature Moves (as Banana Senga):
- Acapulcornado
- Banana Chute
- Passion Spark
- Sugar Spot

Signature Moves (as Hercules Oosenga/Senga):
- Kouryu
- PICTURES (with Oosugi)
- Time Slice

A 13th class Toryumon graduate, Senga was launched as a member of "Los Salseros Japoneses" in Toryumon Mexico, with the ring name of "Banana Senga." Senga then moved to Japan to work in Michinoku Pro and, some months later, in El Dorado. Senga later renamed himself "Hercules Oosenga" and completely changed his character in Michinoku Pro as he started using the gimmick of "Shibaten," a mysterious mythological masked character.

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