Championship History

GHC Hardcore Openweight Championship
GHC Hardcore Openweight Tag Team Championship

Major Tournaments Won

Real Name: Kentaro Shiga
Birth: December 6th, 1974
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 215 lbs.
Background: Judo
Debut: February 21st, 1994
Other Identities: Punch the C
Alliances: None
Promotion History: All Japan (1994 to 2000) and NOAH (2000 to 2010)

Awards and Recognition


Notable Matches

September 3rd, 2006 vs. Scorpio
July 3rd, 2007 with Kawabata vs. Jun Akiyama and Taniguchi

Other Pictures

Shiga with a Back Breaker
A Wrist-Clutch Slam by Shiga

Wrestling Moves Videos Reviewed Matches on Puroresu Central
Capture Suplex
Pump-Handle Backbreaker
Shiga Shooter
Shiga Sleeper
Shiga with the Shiga Sleeper June 3rd, 1994 - The Fantastics vs. Ogawa and Kentaro Shiga
May 1st, 1998 - Giant Baba, Hayabusa, and Shiga vs. Giant Kimala, Shinzaki, and Izumida
May 2nd, 1999 - Kentaro Shiga and Kanemaru vs. Asako and Takashi Morishima
Match 5th, 2006 - Sano, Izumida, and Eigen vs. Honda, Kentaro Shiga, and Momota
October 29th, 2006 - Saito and Go Shiozaki vs. Akira Taue and Kentaro Shiga
October 27th, 2007 - Shiga, Kawabata, and Hashi vs. Honda, Masao Inoue, and Kikuchi

Shiga was injured for most of 2005, but finally made his return on September 18th.  He would lose the match to Honda, but the fans were glad to see him back.  For the rest of 2005, Shiga wrestled mostly in tag matches at the bottom of the card, as he worked off the ring rust from his long stint away from the ring.

Still trying to regain the ground he lost when he was out due to injuries, Shiga stayed towards the beginning of cards for the first half of the year. He became (oddly) popular with the crowd however, including having his own fan section, and this helped him get a title shot on September 3rd against Scorpio for the GHC Hardcore Openweight Championship. Shockingly, Shiga scored the upset with a jackknife hold, and finally after debuting 12 years earlier Shiga won his first title in Japan. He successfully defended the title against Kishin Kawabata, Ippei Ota, and Kamikaze in 2006, and as the year ended he was still the champion.

Shiga continued having mid-card success in 2007 as he formed a new tag team with Kawabata. Called the Pen Pals, they became joint GHC Hardcore Openweight Champions on February 17th when they defeated Go Shiozaki and Shuhei Taniguchi in the tournament finals. Over the next eight months they successfully defended the title three times, showing their dominance as a tag team. By November they decided that they both couldn't hold the title and on 19th they had a match to find the true owner. Kawabata would win the match and become the sole holder of the GHC Hardcore Openweight Championship, but afterwards Shiga would go back to teaming with Kawabata even though they no longer defended the titles together.