Birthdate: September 2nd, 1980
Debut: June 6th, 2004
Formally: Super Shenron
Major Titles Held:  None
Theme Song: Platinum Trap Alpha

- As Super Shenron

Signature Moves:
- Asai Moonsault
- Necktie Suplex
- Sex Bomber
- Shooting Star Press

Shinobu started his career in a university student promotion using the gimmick of Magnum Kyoto, a parody of Magnum Tokyo. He later joined Onryo's 666 and started touring in several promotions, initially following Onryo in his bookings. In 2007 Shinobu became a semi-regular in BJW and later he started wrestling as Super Shenron in several Dragon Gate events, joining the NEX project. Super Shenron would later lose his mask and he continued to work in Dragon Gate using his real name, Shinobu Sugawara.

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