Lance Storm

Birthdate: April 3rd, 1969
Debut: October 2nd, 1990
Primary Promotions: ECW, WCW, and WWE
Reason for Wrestling in Japan: Freelancer
Championships Held in Japan:  WAR International Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship and the WAR World 6-Man Tag Team Championship

Signature Moves:
- The Maple Leaf
- Triple Powerbomb
- Liger Bomb
- Springboard Missile Dropkick
- Super Kick

Career Highlights in Japan:
Storm first wrestled in Japan in 1991, teaming with Chris Jericho for a tour in FMW. From late 1995 to 1997, Lance Storm regularly wrestled in WAR before he made it big in ECW. While in WAR he teamed with Yuji Yasuraoka to twice win the WAR International Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championship.

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