Minoru Suzuki

Birthdate:  June 17th, 1968
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Debut:  June 23rd, 1987 vs. Takayuki Iizuka
Background:  Amateur Wrestling and MMA
Alliances: None 
Ring Attire:  Black trunks
Card Position: Main Eventer
Major Tournaments Won: Champion Carnival (2009 and 2010)
Current Title Held: None

Championship History:

All Japan Triple Crown:
- Defeated Taiyo Kea on 9/3/06 and lost to Kensuke Sasaki on 8/26/07
- Defeated Ryota Hama on 5/2/10 and lost to Suwama on 8/29/10

All Japan World Tag Team Championship with Taiyo Kea:
- Defeated Mutoh and Doering on 6/28/08 and lost to Funaki and Mutoh on 1/3/10

All Asia Tag Team Championship (with NOSAWA Rongai):
- Defeated Nishimura and Fuchi on 1/3/09 and lost to Akebono and Hama on 9/23/09

IWGP Tag Team Championship (with Yoshihiro Takayama):
- Defeated Tenzan and Osamu Nishimura on 1/2/04 and Vacated on 11/21/04

GHC Tag Team Championship (with Naomichi Marufuji):
- Defeated Williams and Scorpio on 6/18/05 and lost to Yone and Morishima on 10/28/05

King of Pancrase Openweight Championship:
- Defeated Ken Shamrock on 5/13/95 and lost to Bas Rutten on 9/1/95

- Suzuki with a Sleeper Takedown onto Kojima
- A slap by Suzuki
- Suzuki with a Gotch-Style Piledriver

Featured Signature Moves:
- Cross Arm Piledriver
- Gotch-Style Piledriver
- Slap
- Sleeper Takedown

Other Signature Moves:
- Running Near Futo
- Sleeper Hold

2005 Recap:
One of the most active freelancers, Suzuki participated frequently in both New Japan and NOAH.  In NOAH, Suzuki won the GHC Tag Team Championship with Marufuji on June 18th, defeating Doug Williams and Scorpio.  They would hold the belts until losing them to Morishima and Yone on October 28th.  He also has a growing feud with Akiyama, which is expected to lead to a singles match in 2006.  In New Japan, Suzuki teamed with Kashin and also participated in the G1 Climax, coming in 5th in his block.  Overall Suzuki had a very successful year as he was a major force in two different promotions.

2006 Recap:
After losing to Akiyama in his quest for the GHC Heavyweight Championship, Suzuki started wrestling primarily for All Japan. He participated in his first Champion Carnival in April, but lost to eventual winner Kea in the semi-finals when he was surprised by a cradle. With his new friends MAZADA and NOSAWA, Suzuki wrestled many tours for All Japan as he proved that he was ready for a shot at the Triple Crown. On September 3rd, Suzuki would defeat Kea for the Triple Crown, his first major singles championship. He then successfully defended the title against RO'Z, winning with the choke sleeper. In the Real World Tag League, he teamed with NOSAWA but they would come in last place (mostly due to NOSAWA).

2009 Recap:
As in past years, Suzuki spent the majority of his time in All Japan, where he stayed very busy with a variety of feuds and title matches. He started the year off well as he teamed with NOSAWA to win the All Asia Tag Team Championship. Then in March he took part in the Champion Carnival, which he won for the first time in his career. This gave him a title shot against his friend Takayama for the Triple Crown, but Takayama would come out victorious. Leading up to Sumo Hall, with the return of Funaki the main event was set as Mutoh and Funaki vs. Masahiro Chono and Suzuki. Mutoh pinned Suzuki to win the match, but this rekindled an old feud between Funaki and Suzuki and they would battle throughout the fall. During all this Suzuki was also the All Japan World Heavyweight Tag Team Champion, a title he held all year with Kea. In September, he and NOSAWA lost the All Asia Tag Team Championship to Akebono and Hama (Suzuki and Hama had mixed it up quite a bit in 2009 as well). In the Real World Tag League Suzuki teamed with Kea, but the team came in third and barely missed out on the Finals.

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