Shachihoko BOY

Birthdate: Unknown
Debut: May 20th, 2006
Background: Dragon Gate Trueborn (Shisa Trainee)
Ring Attire:  White outfit with a white and red mask
Major Titles Held:  None
Theme Music:  Shisa Calling

Signature Moves:
- Becho con Becho
- Rolling Cradle
- Shiranui

Signature Moves (as Syachihoko Machine):
- Syachihoko Clutch

The pupil of Super Shisa, Shisa Boy is a NEX member who has been considered a rookie during the first 2 years of career, often teaming with his older counterpart on the losing side of lowcard matches. In the Nagoya zone shows, Shisa Boy wrestles as Syachihoko Machine, the lone survivor of a "historical" Toryumon quartet.

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