John Tenta

Birthdate: June 22nd, 1963
Death: June 7th, 2006
Cause of Death: Cancer
Famous Matches and Storylines:  After beginning his career in All Japan, John Tenta joined the WWF in 1989 calling himself the Canadian Earthquake. It didn't take long before he began wrestling the main good guys in the WWF such as Hogan and Savage, including a match against Hogan at Summerslam 1990. After initially teaming with Dino Bravo, Earthquake would become best known for his team with Typhoon - The Natural Disasters. As The Natural Disasters, Earthquake and Typhoon would win the WWF Tag Team Championship on July 20th, 1992 when they finally defeated their main rivals Money Inc. By 1993, WWF started using Earthquake less and he would leave the promotion. From there, Tenta went to WCW, where he wrestled in a variety of roles (Avalanche, Shark, and under his real name John Tenta). During that time he wrestled as part of the Dungeon of Doom and also feuded with Big Bubba (the late Big Bossman). After leaving WCW in 1996 and wrestling in Japan, Earthquake made a surprise return to the WWF wrestling in the Oddities as Golga in 1998. A comic relief role more then anything else, Golga was never a serious threat to any titles and the Oddities would be gone by early 1999. Earthquake did make one final appearance, however, wrestling in the Gimmick Battle Royal at WrestleMania X-7. Earthquake ended his wrestling career wrestling for All Japan, and even had a shot at Kojima's MLW Heavyweight Championship while wrestling in All Japan.
Major Titles Held:  WWF Tag Team Championship
Other Notes:  John Tenta had been fighting cancer for several years, and he openly talked about his struggles and chatted with fans at the official WrestleCrap website. Easy going and willing to poke fun at himself over his up and down career, Tenta had a legion of fans hoping and praying that he could beat the cancer. Sadly, Tenta lost the battle. He is survived by his wife and three children.

Signature Moves:
- Belly to Belly Suplex
- Chokeslam
- Powerslam

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