Lou Thesz

Birthdate: April 24th, 1916
Death: April 28th, 2002
Cause of Death: Natural causes
Famous Matches and Storylines:  One could write a book on Thesz's wrestling career, but he will perhaps best be remembered for his hour long match in Japan against Rikidozan, and also being recognized as one of the only true "universal" champions in the 1900s.
Major Titles Held:  Mid West Wrestling Association World title, AWA World title, NWA World Championship, and the NWA International Heavyweight title
Other Notes:  Thesz was a great "hooker," meaning that he could legitimately cripple people in the ring with certain holds.  These ability came in handy, when he would face an opponent that refused to lose or wanted to test him.  Thesz is also credited with training many wrestlers.

Signature Moves:
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