Akira Tozawa

Birthdate: July 22nd, 1985
Debut: April 2nd, 2005
Background: Dragon Gate Trueborn
Ring Attire:  Black pants
Major Titles Held: None

Signature Moves:
- Apron Kara Tozawa
- Hurray! Hurray! Tozawa!
- Sankaigan Zanjyu
- Tozawa-juku Hiden: Ganki
- Tozawa-juku Hiden: Iwaki
- Tozawa-juku Hiden: Tozawa Backdrop Hold
- Tozawa Driver 2007

Trained at the Dragon Gate Dojo, Tozawa was initially launched as a semi-comedic character in the stable called Tozawajuku. In 2008 Tozawa, rumored to have some backstage problems, gained a lot of weight, joining Yuki Ono in a tag team called "Metabolic Brothers."

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