Johnny Valentine

Birthdate: September 22nd, 1928
Death: April 24th, 2001
Cause of Death:  Natural causes
Famous Matches and Storylines:  During his career, Valentine won over 30 different titles around the United States and across the globe. During his career he feuded with many greats, including Bobo Brazil, Antonio Rocca, Lou Thesz, Harley Race, The Sheik, Wahoo McDaniel, Bruno Sammartino, Johnny Powers, Antonio Inoki and Jack & Jerry Brisco. He wrestled in the NWA, WWWF, All Japan Pro Wrestling, Stampede Wrestling, IWA, and the AWA.
Major Titles Held:  Valentine won NWA Championships in over a dozen different territories, the AWA United States Heavyweight Championship, and the WWWF United States Tag Team Championship

Signature Moves:

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