Masato Yoshino

Birthdate: July 17th, 1980
Debut: September 2nd, 2000
Background: T2P graduate
Ring Attire:  Black, blue and gold tights
Major Titles Held:  Open the Triangle Gate, Open The Twin Gate, Open The Brave Gate, IJ Heavyweight Tag, GHC Jr. Heavyweight Tag, UWA 6 Man Tag and NWA Welterweight
Tournaments Won: Summer Adventure Tag Team League 2007 (with Doi)

Signature Moves:
- Another Space
- Assisted Slingblade (with Doi)
- Cormillo
- From Jungle
- Lightning Spiral
- Riverina Especial
- Speed Star
- Sol Naciente
- Torbellino
- Ude Yoshino

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