Originally called the Super Grade Tag League, the round robin tag tournament first ran in New Japan in 1991 and has taken place almost every year since then. The G1 Tag League is generally the last big event of the year as it always takes place after September. The tag teams vary from seasoned partners to teams that appeared only for the tournament, and like the G1 Climax it usually only uses contracted talent with one or two outside wrestlers to help increase interest. While Young Lions rarely make it into the G1 Climax, they do frequently wrestle in the G1 Tag League, usually pairing with a veteran to help their development. The G1 Tag League is also an Openweight Tournament, meaning that Jr. Heavyweights can (and do) participate as well.

Due to the number of tournaments that have taken place, I have split the G1 Tag League into two sections:

G1 Tag League: 1991 to 1997

G1 Tag League: 1998 to present